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How To Access Hulu in Canada

If you want to get access to Hulu in Canada, all you've got to do is follow these steps.  This is up to date information about how to get an American IP address, get a Hulu membership, and start watching TV through Hulu in Canada. Canada is a great place.  It has lots of great things; Mountains, rivers, Quebec.  It's just too bad that it doesn't have a great TV streaming site.  

The truth is that most of the TV shows that are popular around the world are coming out of the USA, and well, most of the time because of distribution contracts, its hard to get a hold of the shows (new shows at least), without an access to pirate DVD's, a great torrent site, or satellite TV.  While it is possible to see new episodes of your favorite shows - Saturday Night Live, House, Glee, Gossip Girl with the methods I just listed, they're just not as cheap or convenient as on demand streaming.  This is what Hulu is for, and this is why many people want to access Hulu in Canada.

The problem with accessing Hulu in Canada is that it takes a bit of work to get yourself started.  It is possible, but you're going to have to complete a few steps before you can fully access the site.  How bad do you want Hulu?

First you've got to get a subscription to Hulu Plus.  Hulu is free, for part of the way, but if you want access to their full database of movies and TV shows, you've got to pay the monthly fee of about eight bucks.  You can of course, stay a free member and watch five of the newest episodes, but if you're making the effort, you should go all the way.  To get a membership to Hulu plus in Canada, you need to know that Hulu doesn't accept foreign credit cards.  The way around this is that you need to get some gift certificates from Amazon, Ebay, or a gift certificate site.  Once you've got these, Hulu doesn't care where the tickets are used from, and you being in Canada won't affect your Hulu Plus membership.

If you still want to opt in for the free version of Hulu, or already have a membership, then the next step to access Hulu in Canada is easy.  You've got to change your IP address.  Now, the IP address of your computer is telling Hulu that you're in Canada.  To get an American IP address you need to get a VPN.  Getting an American IP address is also possible with a proxy, but this will not get you access to Hulu in Canada.  Hulu blocks proxies, and even if you're in the USA but are using a proxy, you cannot stream video from the site.  A VPN is the only reliable and effective way to get an American IP address that Hulu will accept.

A VPN doesn't require any hardware, and the download will take only about a minute.  Setup is easy, and you can get the whole thing up and running in about ten minutes, even if you've got no previous experience.  The killer here is that you've got to pay for it.  There are free VPN's out there, but most of them are not fast or reliable enough to stream video smoothly.  A VPN that is fast enough and has a clear enough connection to access Hulu in Canada and stream video without buffering will cost you anywhere from ten to twenty USD per month.  In most cases, and SSL VPN will be preferable to other types of VPN.  If you want to access Hulu in Canada on a mobile deviceFind Article, then get the L2TP VPN.  All VPN services that are worth a scratch will have both of these VPN protocols available.

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