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Bollywood Movies

The Hindi film industry known as the Bollywood is the largest entertainment industry in India. Not only that, but also today it is one of the most significant entertainment industries in the world. From Local To Global: The Journey Of  Bollywood Movies.  The Hindi film industry known as the Bollywood is the largest entertainment industry in India.

Not only that, but also today it is one of the most significant entertainment industries in the world. Alongside Hollywood and the film industries of European countries and countries like Australia, Japan, South Korea and Latin America, Bollywood also counts as a relevant entertainment power. It has become the most important icon of India’s ‘soft power’ status. However, the transition of Bollywood from being a local film industry with a minute audience, to a multi billion dollar film industry with a growing international audience has been spread over the decades. This journey has been great and that has led to Bollywood gaining its current significance. So let’s find out, how Bollywood shaped itself in the past and how it is slowly moving further.    

The beginnings of Bollywood have been very humble, characterized by low budgets, lack of technology and a local market spread. Right from the 30s to the 50s, Bollywood didn’t have much choice to show in its films. Most them were stories with socialist themes, stories of the poor and disabled, a few supernatural films and also some comedies. Also with regards to technology, Bollywood was straight jacketed by financing. However, despite of these limitations, Bollywood could produce good films and even classics, of which one was nominated for Oscars. It also produced some really soulful tracks.   

  With the arrival of the 60s the Indian community abroad went increasing as many families emigrated to the U.S and to the U.K. Since they couldn’t relate themselves with the local popular culture and cinema, they were dependent of Bollywood. Along with the time, Bollywood too changed itself by picking up music and dance styles from the West. Also there were changes in the direction styles and cinematographic techniques.   

   However, the change taking place in the 70s was much further and it showed that the Hindi film industry was now trying to integrate itself with the world. The action sequences changed and so did some storylines that were different from the usual Bollywood spectrum. The 80s though, is known as a stagnation period for Bollywood, was actually keeping pace with the momentum of the 80s where styles and methods were being taken from the West for self improvement. Now one could listen to songs based on disco, rock and roll, and fast tracks. This change was however seen only with regards to the music not the storylines. 

    The 90s were a breathing space as the country finally opened up to the world. Now the Bollywood movies were more accessible to the world audiences and to Diaspora communities. In addition, a diversity of topics was also experienced, such as international crime thrillers, underworld based movies and action films. As the time passed ahead, Bollywood continued to progress in regards to every above mentioned aspect. It was near around the year 2000, that the world was now being taken a note of Bollywood.  Now even the non-Indian audiences were enjoying the Bollywood films. The 2003 film ‘Munna Bhai M.B.B.S’ (2003) was taken as an inspiration by the Hollywood and they went to make one such film. The song ‘Chhamma Chhamma’ was taken as a song in a Hollywood film. Also as the years passed, Bollywood celebrities were seen working in Hollywood films and popular T.V serials.   

   The film industry had become an object of fascination for the world now. Moreover, it was also moving towards sci-fi as well as a social crime based drama and sophisticated gangster flicks. Though the journey still continuesFind Article, Bollywood Movies still have a long way to go.


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