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Travel with Air China for an international trip

Air China is one of the major airlines companies of China. Its base is situated at Beijing Capital International Airport. It is also known as world's biggest airline in market capitalization. It is also the national flag carrier of China. It has also become the member of Star Alliance. This airline provides exclusive services and takes responsibility of visiting of Chinese national leaders to abroad.
In all over the word, the services for 120 destinations are offered by it. Air China also has maintained impressive air travel safety services among passengers. Besides providing air services to passengers it also allows services for other national activities.

Since Air China is the member of Star Alliance, this airline has also many partners like Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Copa Airlines, Egyptair, SAS, TACA, TAM, THAI, US airways, Turkish, SWISS, Blue 1, United, Singapore Airlines, Air Canada and many other various airlines. There are various international destinations which are covered by Air China. It covers about 185 destinations. In year 2007 it joined Star alliance and expanded its services to 897 destinations for 160 countries. The main international destinations are United States America, Singapore, Thailand, UAE, Germany, Spain, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, France, Germany, Korea, Brazil and Canada. This airline has 263 flights and the aircraft has a life span of 8 years. The modern Air fleet includes various air buses which are AirbusA319-100, Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-700, Airbus A340-300, Boeing 747-400M, and Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 757-200, Boeing 737-700 and various others.

Due to best services this airline has been awarded with so many rewards like "The most favorite brand of China", "Best Frequent Flyer of China" in year 2005. It has also been chosen in gold list of National Geographic Traveler. In year 2007 it has also received the honor of Best Airline in China. This airline started its services in 2008 and has made a great progress. It offers both domestic and international services but it is mainly famous for providing cheap international air services. From year 1988 to 2013 this has made a remarkable progress.
Air China provides excellent air services for international trip. During travel it also care about safety of passengers. The safety provided by Air China gives relaxation to passengers and they travel with great mental peace. Accidents are rare with this airline except some exceptional cases. Business persons and other families of industrial families always choose this airline to travel. The best business class facilities are provided to passengers. It also provides air services for a common man in form of economy class travel. First class services are also available. You can choose according to your budget. Economy class services are also so good that you can travel with very comfort. Hence make an international travel trip with Air China and enjoy traveling.

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